From planning to installation and beyond.

The first step for providing water services is to install and connect a suitable meter. We have the ability to excavate and work on the mains water supply ensuring the initial connections are done safely for both existing and new development sites. This all happens while all other services to the site remain unchanged and undisturbed. The rest of the team on-site can continue working using the electricity and telephone/internet connections, while we continue with installing or repairing the water supply.

The next phase of our water service is the rough-in to the site. We have the end goal of the occupant in mind right from the get-go. This is when we safely connect the water from the installed meter to all the required fixture locations. We do this discreetly so there are no unsightly pipes where they shouldn't be and the look of the building interior and exterior is taken into consideration. The rough-in stage is usually done at the framework stage of the project. This means Metroflow are reviewing and liaising with the Builder, by reading through their plans, check what's been outlined in them, and raise any concerns that we can see.

Once the builder is ready for the final stage of water supply (fit off) Metroflow complete the final connection using quality fittings and products. We use efficient and effective processes to ensure all tapware and fixtures are operating at their best.

We understand what the builder's needs are and can interpret their plans to find the best ways to deliver.

Right from the start of a project, we strive to get all the points in the plans spot on. 


Water Connections Performed 

  • Rainwater Systems
  • Storage Tanks
  • Greywater Diversions
  • Recycled Water
  • Mains connections

When we are working with our clients we will provide a complete plumbing service which combines all five of our services. Read more about our other services here