Make Safe, Insurance Reports and Site Restoration


In the unlikely event of damage to an existing building due to Fire, Storms, Floods or another incident where the plumbing has been affected, we are called upon. We assess the site, make the site's plumbing safe, perform restorative works and submit insurance-related reporting.

After we assess the site on first inspection, we provide a detailed report called "mud maps" of the service locations and the extent of plumbing related damage. We then liaise with building services organisations and undertake immediate “Make Safe” measures to the entire property so that it is both safe to enter and the building can continue to be operational.



  1. Site check
  2. Create a safe site
  3. Instate emergency stop-gap measures
  4. Perform thorough compliance checks to current regulations
  5. Quote on rebuild costs relating to plumbing
  6. Generate a safety report
  7. Submit reports and findings to relevant parties



  • Isolation and sealing of gas and water supplies
  • Cap and seal waste services and drains, downpipes and stormwater to prevent blockages and curb potential further damage
  • Short-term proof patching and repairs to protect the remaining assets
  • Removal of excess water from the property or site


When it is safe to do so, we will reinstate the gas, water and waste services, making any emergency or rebuilding process as seamless as possible.

Works will be reinstated to the current Australian Compliance Standards (ACS) and compliant with the Victorian Building Authority (VBA). Should we find any existing system within the property that is not at the current compliance and standard levels the ACS or VBA require, we will provide a detailed account of non-compliance and submit that in the form of a detailed report to the relevant parties (e.g. insurers).